The Kitchen

Our kitchen

Considered one of the best restaurants Prat, La Lluna in a Cove offers the best of Catalan cuisine.

We work with highly selected products from our garden and area for preparing dishes, from the first to the last step in our kitchen.

With special role in our letter Chicken Pota Blava.

Kilometer Zero Products

Products “kilometer zero”, also known as “proximity” or “short chain”, are produced and marketed locally. The products are so fresh and close to consumers, while the ecological footprint reduce.Productos Kilometer Zero

So in  Lluna en un Cove Km0 dishes, which we prioritize close and ecological agriculture, using seasonal foods, avoiding the use of transgenic cooked.

A dish is considered Km0 when most of the ingredients that make up local farmers, located less than 100 km are purchased directly.

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Own Garden

The advantages of being your own provider vegetables are obvious, but, according to Rosa Farres, Chef de la Lluna en un Cove there is one that stands out above the others:Growing what I cook, I plan ahead and only the serve to my customers when the product is in its fullness, in its best “.

It allows you to design customized products and exclusive relationship with the creations that you want to materialize. In addition to maintaining a relationship of freshness and a balance between what you need and what the land offers. Above all, it allows you to use the products in their perfect state, in its optimum point. “

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